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The NHL considered expanding the playoffs to 20 teams after the last Lockout.

The '05 CBA actually gave the NHL the right to add an add'l playoff round in '05-'06 or '06-'07 - teams 7-10 in each conference playing a best of 3 to advance - however the League never elected to exercise the option.

Originally Posted by CBA Article 16.2
16.2 Playoff Games. The NHLPA has consented to granting the League, either in the
2005-06 NHL Season, or, alternatively, in the 2006-07 NHL Season, the option to
institute in any League Year a "Playoff Qualification Round" preliminary to the Playoffs,
which will consist of one (1) round involving four (4) Clubs in each Conference, with
each series in the round having a maximum of three (3) games, with the winner of each
series advancing to the Playoffs. If the League institutes a Playoff Qualification Round
in either 2005-06 or 2006-07, the parties agree to thereafter jointly evaluate and discuss
such experience. If the League desires to implement a Playoff Qualification Round with
respect to future NHL Season(s), it may only do so with the consent of the NHLPA,
which shall not be unreasonably withheld. The Playoffs will consist of four (4) rounds,
with each series in each round having a maximum of seven (7) games.

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