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Originally Posted by Smallz View Post
I realize there have been threads about this subject in the past but none overly that recent

I also realize that this still incredibly premature to be discussing but since I have a sim league draft approaching and with the WJCs coming to a close I figured now would be as good of time as any to ask the masses on here

Which player(s) taken in the 2012 draft would you select higher today based on they've played over the course of the current season? I am mainly looking for the guys taken in the 2nd-7th rounds but late 1st round picks also would be acceptable.

Some rationale accompanying your player choices would also be very much appreciated

Thanks a bunch in advance and I look forward to hearing all of your responses
Seriously while I understand your intent here how can nay 2012 player be a steal for the NHL club that drafted him?

There are no 2nd rounders surprisingly playing in the NHL this year, just guys getting hyped up and then will be called busts in future threads.

I'm mean I'm sure NHL GM's are happy that some players are progressing better than expected but none are steals until they actually play and produce in the NHL right?

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