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Originally Posted by Mightygoose View Post
With the word on the street that 20 teams in the playoff could be right around the corner as early as this spring

Is it too soon?

Have always envisioned it once expansion to 32 happens (still think it's coming) and the realignment is complete.

How they can do it is have the 8 team conferences, seeds 1 through 3 are 'playoff, teams. Seeds 4 and 5 are 'play in' teams and they borrow a page from MLB's book and have a sudden death game at the #4 home and go from there.

They'll be no need to play and extra week or 2 later (yet) just start the schedule on a Tuesday instead of Thursday (Plus Thursday night football looks like it's here to stay)

The OP is onto something about the new playoff format. Just think about it everyone Let's say all teams end up staying where they are including Phoenix. Then you add in expansion teams.

It would make sense to increase the chances of making the playoffs to earn more revenue. If you do not, you'll see teams who don't perform well do bad at the gates to the point where you could end up having several Phoenix money pits that will need to relocate or contract.

A New playoff format would help those teams who are borderline of not making the playoffs year in and year out.

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