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01-02-2013, 09:49 PM
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It seems we are nearing some type of a conclusion. It seems both sides are finally acting like the game, its fans and the brand is important. I guess we will get to see how much damage this will do over the coming weeks and years, thats if they reach an agreement.

The NHL should knock 45% off the price of anything with an NHL logo on it, the owners should do the same with ticket pricing. Thats roughly the percentage of games they will not play this year if they drop the puck within two weeks.

Pipe dream, I know. I could care less anyways as I wont be buying a thing for quite a while, maybe until they can get from one CBA to the next without losing games.

Though, I will watch the local games on TV. I still like my local team (mainly for economic reasons), but I could care less about the league as a whole at this point or the players in general. I wont be doing any surveys for Neilson, and my personal viewership wont make them much more than Im willing to spend on this league anyways.

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