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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
Yeah all he stands for, skillfully represernting and advising the people who pay him, really what a jerk.
What does bettman stand for besides the " you must be this tall" sign at the tilt-a-whirl and perpetual lockouts?
I didn't say Fehr was bad at his job but he stands for lockouts and getting every last cent for the players possible. Which is great for the players but horrible for the league. Donald Fehr says he cares about the leagues he works with but he doesn't. He cares about his beliefs and he believes the players deserve everything the get and more. Like I said I don't blame the players for hiring Fehr I was just disappointed in the decision. Everyone knew the stakes, everyone knew the leagues financial situation; the hiring of Fehr by the players said one thing "we don't care we want ours."

It was a selfish short sighted move. The owners have made a ton of mistakes and deserve a lot of the blame for this situation but two wrongs do not make a right.

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