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01-02-2013, 10:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Kirk Muller View Post
well even if you went league minimum for 5 years. what is that, 4 or 5 million made in your life before 30. Thats more money than many will see in a lifetime.

Unless you figure, his life is over. He is an imbecile. Cant work and cant figure out anything else he can do for another 35 years of his working life.

If thats the sticking point for players, then their is a problem.

Its similar situation to the owner in terms of revenue sharing. Its something internally the league has to do to make the league sustainable.

This is a situation where the players need to be looking to themselves and saying we need better guidance in terms of finance, how to invest etc and there union is the one who should be informing them
League min. is $500K.

5*$500K = $2.5M

Take away roughly half of that total because of taxes, agent fees, union dues, and so on and you get $1.25M.

Also, there's this bizarre notion amongst fans that a professional athletes career earnings aggregate somewhere and at the end of their career, they have every penny they've ever earned at their immediate disposal. In reality, they lose a quite a bit to taxes and other expenses, in addition to regular expenses like running a household given that they too, are human.

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