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01-02-2013, 11:33 PM
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I think with regards to Sahin it's a few things. I just don't think he's fitting into the prem as well as BR hoped. It's not a reflection on Sahin, it's just it takes time. IIRC Ramires of Chelsea took a year to get really comfortable. Problem with Sahin is after the year, he'll probably be back in Real Madrid. No reason to keep a player so you can get him fit for another team. Then add in his fitness issues and then wage(which is hefty) and it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to keep him. I'm sure he'd be good if he was kept into next season, but not sure how likely that is.

I think the midfield lacks a player going forward. With Gerrard getting comfortable in a deeper role(which I disagree with but w/e), Allen and Lucas both also comfortable in that role, we need someone to link up with the front 3. Suso and Shelvey could develop into that player, but both are young and far too inexperienced for us to hope they can shoulder that load. Hendo did well going forward, but not sure he's a consistent option.

I know BR said we'd be looking for an AMC in summer, but I'm hoping for one in this window. I think our attack would really benefit.

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