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01-02-2013, 10:36 PM
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I agree boys on the Mr. Sean Day points, not the Bure comparison with all due respect. Coffey is a great one, Neidermeyer too, just my opinion. Bure at times looked like he was running in his first few strides. Bure was the fastest accelerator/most explosive, Ive ever seen in my life, of course there are many, Ilya Kovalchuk etc. I read an ariticle describing his style I thought was super interesting. Here is a quote

"Vancouver Canucks conditioning coach Peter Twist noticed during Bure's rehabilitation period following his first major knee injury in 1995, that his skating style was particularly unique in comparison to typical North American players. He explained, "Most players skate on their inside edge and push off at a 45-degree angle, but Bure starts on his outer edge and rolls over to his inside edge and pushes back straighter on his stride ... he gets more power and force in his stride to get up to top speed quicker."

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