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01-02-2013, 10:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Hyperglide View Post
I post there but sparingly, I mostly lurk. To many bi-polar fans (even for Toronto fans) to post often. It grates on my nerves. Also so many hockey haters there, it's hilarious. They get so ******** when TSN or Sportsnet talks about hockey.. But it is one hilarious message board to see all the great pics, gifs and signatures.

Great win tonight! Superb game by T-Boss-Coin Toss-Hot Sawce Ross he was on "fya" (Jack Armstrongs accent*) tonight. DRoz was money, Amir played a great game off the bench and our PG tandem was dishing up some servings of hot dime soup with a side of win.

Oh and Davis made me forget about Bustnani. Only 2 games behind 9th! Boston, Orlando lost and Philly is losing in Phoenix!

I also love how it HAS to be DeRozan OR Ross with so many of them, there is just no conceivable way they can both be on this team for some reason.

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