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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Getting that big, strong, talented center is just so much harder to come by than finding a speedy winger that can score, even one of Bure's level.
Take any number of years at random during Sundin's career, it will surprise you how many times he was actually the leading scoring among centers or close to it.
Bure fares much, much worse vs other Wingers because as I said, they are much more common.

I'm obviously a Habs fan and "we" have been looking for a center like Sundin since a certain #4 retired over 40 years ago.
I guess it just makes me appreciate the rarity of it that much more.
Also why us silly Hab fans are so excited about Galchenyuk and why the Lecavalier rumours just never seemed to die all those years.

So while I see how the flash of a Bure might blind someone a bit imo, I would take the center every time. Just so much more valuable over the long haul and in many more situations.
I'd agree here 100%.

TDMM alluded a bit to how Toronto fared with Sundin being the centerpiece but let's be a bit fair here, Bure's Canuck teams were much more balanced and just plain better than most of the Sundin lead Leaf teams.

Sundin also showed what he could do on a world stage, with supporting talent in best on best situations.

Consistency matters and for me a 16 year prime like Sundin ahd is just plain amazing and heck he has 2 straight 5 and 2 straight 7 years primes that are better than any of Bur's straight 5 or 7 year prime.

If consecutive years don't matter then sure I can see why people are taking Bure, he was an ELITE goal scorer in the 90's.

Bure was 15th in goals in the 90's, ironically right behind Mats Sundin but he was 4th in GPG and the other top 5 guys, except Selanne played and padded that stat a bit in 91.

If Bure had not been injured or sat out.....but he did so that's what we are left with, what the 2 guys actually did on the ice.

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