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Originally Posted by RandV View Post
I suppose that makes sense to someone coming from baseball, but i would imagine for fans of the other big 3 sports in North America having only 8 teams make the playoffs is just downright incomprehensible.
Considering that it was only in my lifetime that it became more than 4?

In baseball, in order to make the playoffs, you used to have to win a pennant. The playoffs themselves are becoming more meaningless, which makes the regular season -- which as much as MLB brass completely doesn't understand this, is and always was the strength and soul of baseball -- much less significant.

Gone are the days of fans of multiple towns anxiously beating out the pennant race on the last day of the season, and knowing that only by winning the Pennant is the World Series accessible. Gone, therefore, is the old tension and suspense of the long regular season, and both the triumph and the agony of the pennant chance are pale shadows of what they used to be. Gone too are the heady consolation prizes where everyone who lost in the World Series had still proven over a grueling 162 game schedule that they were the best team in their own league (rather than a fluke who lucked their way through some tough short series *coughStLouiscough*

And frankly, that's lamentable.

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