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Originally Posted by jared37 View Post
i currently have vapor 30s and have had them for 4 years now, im starting to grow tired of the pain that i always have in my arch/sole area. ive tried insoles, tieing tighter/looser, but eventually i just zoned it out and gotten used to it, but recently i noticed how much it actually bothers me

i put on my old skates vapour 11s to skate on the outdoor rink, and as old and cheap as they are, they were night and day more comfortable then my current 30s, problem being they no longer in suitable shape

the sizing between the two is identical, but one key thing i noticed how flat footed the 11s are compared to more of a raised arch in the 30s.

my question is, do you think the pain in the 30s is more related to bad sizing (maybe too narrow?) or is it that my foot just needs more of a flat bottom than what the newer vapors are?

also im looking for new skates regardless and recently tried on supreme one70s and it feels the same as the vapors with a very high raised arch, does anyone have any advice on which skates have more of a flat bottom, or is it just a sizing issue that causes the pain?
A few thoughts:
-maybe your foot has grown?
-could be the width, perhaps try some of the newer Vapors in your size and go EE
-try them at the width combined with your favorite insole (Superfeet, Footbalance, w/e) because I'm tihnking it could be a multitude of factors.
-try other skates to compare the bottom feel (give Reebok a go first)

Originally Posted by MillarWithASave View Post
Just bought some Bauer x 1.0.. not sure if I can bake them or not? Does anyone have these skates and have baked them? I am a little scared to bake them and then they will start to fall apart.
Nah, not designed to be baked and won't offer anything. The lowest skate designed to be baked in the Vapor line according to the catalog is actually the X5.0, I've had moderate success baking 4.0s enough that I'd recommend doing those and limited success with 3.0s to go either way, but the 3.0s are pretty soft as it is.

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