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Favourite Genre: Usually more classical sounding stuff, a cappella, musical theatre, folk
Favourite Band(s) or Artist(s): Carpenters, Cara Dillon, Josh Groban, Johnny Flynn, The King's Singers, Hadley Fraser, Ramin Karimloo, Michael Londra, Rajaton, Scott Alan, Sarah Brightman, Six Vocal Ensemble, Straight No Chaser
Favourite Songs: Again - Hadley Fraser, Kiss the Air - Scott Alan, California Dreamin' - Carpenters, Danny Boy - Michael Londra, Bold Jamie - Cara Dillon, The Parting Glass - The Wailin' Jennys etc.
Best Album(s) ever made: I'm more a song person than an album person
Least Favourite Genre: Country, rap, techno, hardcore rock
Least Appreciated Band or Artist(s): Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, One Direction, other top-40 stuff
Most Over-appreciated song: Too many to count
A song that you like from and artist you don't like: Suprise Symphony by Joseph Hayden. Hate his compositions (they all sound the same), but this one's a nice one.
Favourite Song from your birth year: A Whole New World - Aladdin. Technically 1992, but whatever.

Instruments you play: Piano, violin, voice (alto), oboe (played it for two years), alto saxophone (played it for a year)
Musical Experience: 14 years of piano, 13 years of violin, 2 years of oboe, 1 year of alto sax, 6 years of voice
Favourite Song you made: I usually re-write parody lyrics to songs I know. Tried writing a song once, but I got too caught up in making everything perfect, and my classical theory training doesn't really work with pop songs!

Yes, I'm quite the music geek!

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