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01-03-2013, 01:38 AM
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Originally Posted by gowhalers View Post

...Looking forward to the weekend games.
Ya it' going to be good, I'm going Friday against OS.

Went to the 1st game back, Saginaw, and I got a few question if someone can answer: Do these kids eat too many dinners and desserts over holiday break? It seems the guys truly take a rest. Is there a different mood with teammates in the WJC? What is the pace when the WJ players return to the OHL?

The game last Thrsd. from both sides was by far the mostly sloppy display I've seen this year. Players were banging their stick because they couldn't even dump the puck in right. Levi was not just clumsy but looked ridiculously slow. He broke with the puck in the neutral zone at one point and I had to double take because his feet looked trapped in molasses. Jones was a wreck. The only kid with jump that I saw that game was the Brat. You know what, Mahalak played and battled really hard, especially on the play reported by the website in the 3rd. That was a surreal moment...time stood still and Mahalak was genius to stop that point blank situation. I heard London was also a bobble fest and that unfortunately MM **** the bed again.

But 3 wins in 4 is a great way to start this second half. Glad MacDonald is back was reassuring to see him in the rear and also the contributions from some of the more quiet players like Meurs and Mistele. Yes I say go with Ned, I feel more...satisfied with him in net, win or lose.

Again Aleardi may be an unlettered, undrafted non-superstar but he is the backbone, and I feel represents the emotional undercurrent of this team. I think he is an exceptional role model to the other (younger) less established forwards. Every shift he's in the oppositions face. In his interviews a few years ago the little he said was about getting his nose dirty and and playing in the dirty areas, which takes guts. And why pass the puck laterally when you have the same opportunity to GET SHOTS? I always say get the the puck to the net. He will make plays too but hockey needs guys who cross and bust through 2 D because it creates chaos! I've seen so many attempts from AA that failed but the puck bops loose and picked up by another forward for a chance or further possession. Hey I won't shed a tear if he's gone for the sake of this team but I will never believe over-sized guys like Payne, Wilson, Rakell, and yea even Noesen have his sized heart.

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