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The case for Tom Barrasso

The following is a summary of the pro-Barrasso posts last round. Barrasso will definitely be in my top 4 this round, and has a good shot at 1st.

He was probably the 2nd most important Penguin behind Lemieux in each of their back to back Cup wins.

1991: Barrasso had the best save percentage and GAA of all playoff goaltenders. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said, "He easily could have won the Conn Smythe MVP if Mario Lemieux had not played so spectacularly in the final three games in Minnesota." Ulf Samuelsson said, "With this team, you start with Mario Lemieux. He's half of the team. Then, you add Tom Barrasso. After that, anybody could go out there and win."

1992: Mario Lemieux plays the humble card after winning his second straight Conn Smythe and said that he thought Tom Barrasso should have won it. In one of the rare reports on Conn Smythe voting, Barrasso was said to have finished a distant second behind Lemieux.

Link to Hawkey Town 18's post

More votes for the Vezina than any other goalie remaining

Barrasso received more votes for the Vezina (as calculated by Vezina shares) than any goalie other than Brodeur, Hasek, Roy, or Belfour: Link to my previous post

Barrasso is a 5-time Vezina-finalist (1 win). Joseph and Luongo are both 3-time finalists (0 wins each). Vanbiesbrouck is a 2-time finalist (1 win). Tim Thomas won 2 Vezinas but was not a finalist any other time.

Even if you you adjust for competition by removing Roy, Hasek, Brodeur, and Belfour, Barrasso's top finishes look better. If you do that, Barrasso wins 3 Vezinas with 2 2nd place finishes. Compare to Josepeh (1 win, 3 2nds, 1 3rd), and Vanbiesbrouck (2 wins, 2 3rds). Link to seventieslord's post

Barrasso may have accomplished more in the first 10 years of his career than any remaining goalie accomplished in a similar stretch

He received at least a vote for the Vezina in 5 of his first 6 seasons (a finalist in 3 of them). He was injured in his 7th season, won the Cup in his 8th and 9th seasons, and was a Vezina finalist in his 10th season. Link to Hawkey Town 18's post

The case for Barrasso over Giacomin
  • Giacomin was a post-season All Star 5 times, Barrasso was a Vezina finalist 5 times. (However, Giacomin's best 5 years were consecutive, Barrasso's weren't).
  • Barrasso, had much more regular season success outside his best five years.
  • Barrasso was much better than Giacomin in the playoffs.
Link to my previous post

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