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01-03-2013, 03:46 AM
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I'm a hot sauce addict...I buy a bottle or bottles weekly......I usually have three stashes.....In my apt, in my truck, and at my work in the walk in cooler......

Right now I think I have 4 hot sauce at work - 2 thai, 1 jamaican hot and spicy jerk sauce, and one habanero hot sauce.....I also have a jar of habanero salsa at work....

Truck as of right now - I do believe I actually have none in there now.....

Apt. - I think I have one or two bottle of Franks there - long story but i can't cook there right now so i don't have much there

I've been getting into hotter and hotter stuff, and it's becoming more and more addicting....I love the way my endorphins get charged when I really get hot stuff in my system.....Makes me feel high.....LOOOOOOOOOVE ITTTTTTT !!!!!!!!!

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