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01-03-2013, 04:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Punkeater View Post
Some of you guys puts way too much value into points. Yes Karlsson is a beast offensively, he had a great season but I would rather have a much complete defenseman like Shea Weber for example than Karlsson. Like another poster said, Mike Green had two seasons of 70 points and I would never trade J. Tavares for Green.

J. Tavares is a first line center, probably top 5 in the league at center position. He's really young too like Karlsson. Of course Karlsson is amazing, but if you ask me between the two's. I take Tavares any day of the week. It doesn't mean Karlsson isn't elite too but I just think he brings less to the table for a team than John Tavares.
Karlsson is nothing like green. Karlsson plays a speedy, positional, pass first, shoot for a rebound, poke check everything game. Green is older and would be putting up similar numbers if weren't for injuries.

Karlsson brings more to the table than Tavares. Karlsson had to defend teams #1 lines all while putting up near ppg.

All Tavares does is bring his offense and points really aren't all that great.

Originally Posted by holyprime View Post
How on earth can an (immensely) gifted offensive Dmen be worth more than a Center already carrying his (sometimes abyssmal) team on his back?

No pun intented, but it needs more than a few shiny point totals to win a playoff series, not to mention a cup. A team with a Tavares at center has certainly the bigger chance of winning one than a team with Karlsson as #1 D. Today's NHL isnt Bobby Orr's NHL anymore.
So far a team with Karlsson has gotten closer. Twice. You talk as if Karlsson doesn't play defense whatsoever.

Good job on Tavares for carrying his team no where, though.
Originally Posted by empire7 View Post
Um.. how do you figure that? Karlsson is a defenseman while Tavares is a first line center. Not to mention Tavares has a very friendly contract. He will be a top 5 center in the NHL in a couple of years. Already is top 10.
I love how you say Karlsson is only a defenseman while Tavares is a #1 center. If Tavares is a #1 center than Karlsson is a #1 dman.

Everyone knows #1 center is just as valuable as a #1 dman. Its preference.

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