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01-03-2013, 04:40 AM
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Watching the U.S- Canada game right now. Great so far!!!

Despite the hatred on the Main Board, Murphy has only been on the ice for 1 (of the 4 scored at the end of the second) goal against Team Canada. On that play (from my recollection), his partner either got caught deep or went for a change, and Murphy was left with a 2 on 1. The America skated behind Murphy, and Ryan did a good job of blocking the passing lane (whether by amazing vision or dumb luck I can not say without watching the highlight).

The American, his passing lane cut off, then wrists a wicked shot over the shoulder of Subban. And somehow, this is Murphy's fault.

Having said that, Murphy had a boneheaded series at the end of the second. He went to intercept a pass a la McBain, but got burned when he tried to move it up which lead to a 2 on 1 (and America nearly scored). He then got caught deep, and was behind the play which lead to another glorious scoring opportunity for the Americans.

From this game, it seems that Spott has put Murphy in charge of both guarding the net/slot area and leading the breakout. He's asking Murphy to take the most defensive and offensive responsibility. I can't begrudge because he knows more about Murphy than anyone else, but Ryan is getting manhandled out there. The only way he can start a fast break and use his skating (God reached down into Ryan Murphy's cradle and gifted him this) is if he can break up the play in the middle, where America keeps sending size. So he either starts the break when the U.S. has set up their smothering defense, or he doesn't skate it up at all.

Also, Murphy looks a lot bigger than some of the other players on Team Canada. Growth spurt?

Conclusion: I wouldn't put much stock into Murphy's poor play. To me, he is being put in a position that does not play to his strengths.

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