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01-03-2013, 05:02 AM
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Originally Posted by kurt View Post
People have every right to criticize Booth's views and comments.

It may or may not be allowed in this forum, but it's certainly allowed in Canada and the US. Ideas should be discussed, and sometimes challenged.
People have the right to respectfully criticize Booth's views and comments. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who have take to criticize him disrespectfully, and a mob-mentality of sorts has formed.

I also disagree with sports columnists like Botch attacking an athlete's personal views on issues outside of sports by turning them into so-called 'sports' stories. It's not significant enough to be covered in the politics section (thank God ) and it has nothing to do with sports, yet sports reporters cover it because it's controversial and it increases readership. Just like I don't want to read political columns about Stephen Harper playing rec hockey every Tuesday night, I don't want to read sports columns about athletes expressing non-sports related positions on twitter.

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