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Originally Posted by Sore Loser View Post
Personally, while I think he's a great athlete, Braxton Miller seems overrated to me, and I think that Alabama D-fence would rip him up. When I see him play, he just doesn't give me allusions to a guy like RG3 or even Denard Robinson, for that matter. Though, along with most other people in Columbus, I was raised to completely hate everything about Michigan. To this day, I still hate seeing blue and yellow in the same color scheme. Even though I don't consider myself a Buckeye fan, that is one thing that remains present.
Originally Posted by fox2usp View Post
I have to agree with your assessment. Braxton, to me, just seems above average. However, I'm certainly not the judge of talent that Urban Meyer is. Due to this, and Urban's continued excitement over the guy, maybe the best is yet to come?
If he improves his passing, which is pretty bad imo, I think he is pretty good. A better offensive supporting cast would help him too.

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