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01-03-2013, 05:43 AM
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Originally Posted by GermanJetsFan View Post
stop it guys if they wouldn't have allowed the goal you would be pissed too

you have 13 minutes left, everythings possible.

And again: Lovely for me to see you guys playing our european role of staying up until 4-5am in the morning and feelink like "hell why am I doing this? They're loosing anyway and I have class in 5 hours".

I'll save this moment in my brain for the next NHL season.
Shush you... class in 4 hours now haha

back on topic:

sigh... makes you wonder how this game would of been like if:
*no cold legs with bye
but still they all played terrible

it just upsets me because I would have been fine with a win for the Americans, if the Canadians didn't look like complete ****heads

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