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Originally Posted by The Dayvan Cowboy View Post
I agree, but like I said, it comes down to taste. Some people won't date some people of a certain race, some people won't date people with a certain sexual past, some people won't date people with certain is all a matter of preference and it isn't always "fair". I hang with plenty of girls who have slept with a tonne of guys, and I've hung out with very tame girls. It doesn't affect how I treat them or hang out with them, but if I was interested in the dating game, that is something I would take into consideration.

Also I should probably throw it out there that my attitude isn't very promiscuous, and I think that is one of the most important aspects if you're judging someone's past. This past year I can actually only think of two occasions where I actively went out and was trying to wheel girls. I mean, I will always try and put myself in the best scenarios when it comes to girls I know or I'm in class with, but I can rarely if ever be bothered to put effort into chasing girls. Not to come off as a showboat or whatever, but the vast majority of my hook-ups on any level have been initiated by girls, so it isn't like I'm out there trying to be a hound dog which is what a lot of "slutty" guys and girls are trying to do exactly.
And I imagine the vast majority of these "slutty" girls' hookups come in similar fashion. They put themselves in favourable scenarios around guys and let the guys do the initiating. That doesn't separate you from the girls you call 'slutty', it reinforces your place on their level. Therefore taking this position that you aren't very promiscuous like the "slutty" girls appears illogical to me.

Making judgements about a woman's present promiscuity based on her past promiscuity is the lazy man's way out. It's as ineffective as trying to gauge a person's maturity level based solely on their age. Any inferences you think you're making by judging a woman's number can be made more effectively by getting to know her personality and social tendencies.

I have no problem with other guys not wanting to date girls with high numbers, just like I have no problem with girls who don't want to date guys with high numbers, however I don't subscribe to that position. I like to think I give any girl I'm attracted to a fair chance, regardless of their past tendencies.

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