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Originally Posted by Mestaruus View Post
I remember that bad impersonation of Ortio though which doesn't remind me of Jortikka at all.
Funny, I thought it wasn't particularly bad. While I agree that there is room for improvement and it could be a more stylish imitation, I thought it was still fairly recognizable. No other Finnish coach is known for talking like that.

But this has nothing to do with the subject at hand.

Originally Posted by Mestaruus View Post
Wonder if our bigger coach names are even afraid to coach in U-20 now as it may cause some damage to their careers/reputations if they fail.
I could see this happening when we were in the junior slump After the Mikko and Tuomo generation grew up, but see no way why there wouldn't be more viable names up for challenge now that we've picked it up and seem to be steadily producing great prospects again.

I wonder how badly that whole Summanen ordeal affected Kummola a decade back. I mean, he was actually capable of making some unorthodox choices before, but after Rami gave it a shot and turned out to be... well, Rami, he has hardly veered out of his comfort zone.

I have to admit though, I actually thought Rindell was a decent pick when the call was announced. I figured he's still more experienced than Raipe and was happy to see we have a full-time U20 guy again who maybe has time for some extended scouting. Well, we all saw how that ended, both gameplaywise and in the form of some questionable picks. Plus after Raipe took us to semis, I figured that when you've got a talented enough crop, no pro coach can tank that bad.

Originally Posted by Juzmo View Post
Yeah, at least he has some charisma and I'd bet the boys really listens when he talks to them.
I have no doubt that Raipe, with his reputation alone, couldn't be able to create a better team spirit and more cohesive effort than Rindell did. But for as long as the man falls back to the Aravirta playbook of dumping the puck when protecting a lead, I don't want to see him anywhere near the bench.

"Couldn't he have learnt something from the ordeal?", some of you ask. I'm thinking that if Finnish hockey as a whole couldn't learn anything from all those lost final games before Jalonen rolled along, I'm not placing much hope on any product of that era.

Originally Posted by Henkine View Post
Actually I think it is the other way around. They will be remembered that they where the ones who showed up in the relegation round against weak competition.
Yeah. Some people might forget this happened (after all, I don't think there were too many who recalled we were in relegation in 2009 also), but when the topic of scoring comes up, there will always be someone who reminds people how and why the points racked up. So, overly optimistic thinking, if any.

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