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01-03-2013, 06:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Noori View Post
Interesting. I see it as more of a benefit for team's without a decent backup. The Flames, for example, can pretty much ride Kiprusoff for almost all of the games without worrying about the fatigue he normally faces playing 70+ games a season.
Well he's a Pens fan and they just signed Vokoun as a backup so ofc it's their advantage .

This thread pops up every now and then. Teams with older guys have advantage and poissble disadvantage, depending on schedule. If it's loose it's good for them as they won't be so wore down and can keep going for the whole 50 or so games.. But if it's tight, with lots of back to back games.. they could wore down just as easily as with normal schedule.

Teams with many players overseas would be in somewhat advantage, as the schedule isn't as hectic over there.

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