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Originally Posted by I Hate Jay Feaster View Post
30 games against division. 18 against rest of conference. Simple. You're overthinking it and making it more complicated than it needs to be.
How would that work? You have 4 division opponents and 10 conference opponents.

Someone in the lockout thread mentioned it. Only way it works evenly for 48 games is 7 games against your division teams (28) and 2 games against the other teams in the conference (20).

Another idea could be 6 against your division (24) two against the rest of the conference (20) and then 4 random games to fill-in.

Could also just be either 3 or 4 games against each team in the conference to 48 games. Maybe something like 4 against the division (16) and 3 against the rest of the conference (30) with 2 random games to get to 48.

I will say if they are going to do some kind of balanced schedule like they did in 95, I would be a proponent of getting rid of division standings for the year. Just have conference standings.

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