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Originally Posted by ContrarianGoaltender View Post
Also, as BM67 showed earlier, Luongo may have been helped by the Vancouver shot counter over the last couple of seasons but otherwise has mostly strong road numbers throughout his career. Kiprusoff has a majorly skewed home/road split (.920 career home, .907 career on the road). In his Vezina year he was .940 at home and .904 on the road.

Generally if goalies have major home/road splits it implies some kind of shot counting bias or team effects going on, and when choosing between the two the road sample is usually considered more reliable since it is much less likely to be impacted by biased shot counting or a team's unusual home ice advantage. Since the lockout Kiprusoff's numbers have been all over the place, seemingly varying much more than subjective evaluations of his play, which is why I think he wasn't quite as good as he looked when he was winning the Vezina, and probably not quite as bad as his numbers suggested when he was posting below-average save percentages. As a result, I don't give Kipper a peak advantage over Luongo at all, and I think Luongo's elite consistency from year to year puts him a level up on Kiprusoff.
I used to have Kipper higher, but I changed my mind about him when I saw the numbers that almost guarantee that Calgary was overcounting shots. I still think Kipper's half year in 2003-04 and full year in 2005-06 were legit though.

Works for me, Crozier didn't make my top 60. I don't think goaltending from the immediate post-expansion era should be over-represented on this list, but that's the way we're apparently headed. The uneven competition of that time period certainly made a lot of goalies look good, but I think there were fewer true standouts than it appears.
Crozier didn't make my top 60 either, but he wasn't that far from making it.

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