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Originally Posted by Obryantj View Post
I enjoy developing players and interacting with other people as well. I've had less time to devote towards those aspects lately, but they're also important pieces of the game to me.
It's a shame this doesn't happen on PPM. I can't get anyone to talk about their teams. Sometimes they'll reply to me and sometimes someone else will talk about our recent game, but other than that there's nothing in any of the league forums. I haven't been in I.1 in a while, but I'd bet that my posts are still on the last two pages. Ooh. I had to go back 3 pages to find my posts. I wonder what got everyone so excited that they posted more than 30 times in the last 5 months?

Was that before or after the economic changes?
It had to be before. Most of the people I was talking to about sponsors and how much Leggmann was making have quit the game. Oops

This is probably one of the issues that we disagree the most on. The Force have accomplished everything they need to in the USA. A big part of the reason he has, and is, making so much more than anyone else in the USA is his OTR. He's dominated the National Cup and I.1 for a long time, but his performance in the Champion's League is (and I feel, should be) reflected in that number as well.
Rewarding him for his accomplishments should not mean breaking the game. That's what happened. And it happens immediately. It happened in soccer a few seasons ago. I don't know what the other guys are making, but there's a group of us who will be crushing this country for a long time. No one will get close. I think that takes a lot of the fun out of it. but at least we have a few teams competing for the top spot.

I'm not saying that he should be making twice as much as the tier 2 teams, but he should be making a good chunk more than them. Reward him for doing well, especially in the Champion's League, and don't punish him for investing in his HR facility more than other teams. I understand he's had more money to invest in HR, but it's included in the "Big 4" Facilities as a reason. Why aren't all of the top teams putting money into HR?
But he is making twice as much. And it's been that way for a long time. Have you looked into their finances? The other top teams were trying to keep up. They can't build facilities, stadium and buy good enough players to compete with the Force. Which is kinda funny since they all lay down when they play him

I also don't think those guys realized how important the Media deal could be. It wasn't until I started highlighting Leggmann's post about his $30M sponsor that a lot of teams got serious about it.

As another reference point for your study, I'm making about 27.75M per week in hockey now.
It was a few seasons ago now, but that would have put you in 4th in I.1 back when I did my survey. I'm guessing it's you Media deal and the reforms pushing you higher.

My sponsorship deals are currently at 50.9M per week. I'm not sure what FC Corona is getting, but I'm assuming its 10+% more.

My weekly expenses are about 25.7M. That's higher than most teams, but I'd argue that the vast majority of my expenses provide a positive return on investment. That's been my thought for many seasons and has helped cause my revenue to increase.

I did expect teams like the Mouth Breathers to be earning more than they are.
Broken! I would be annoyed if you were making as much as I am. There's too damn much money at the top.

I'm not sure what teams quitting has to do with teams that started before me and still playing hanging out in Division II or III (not a hit on you, you have a long-term strategy) or the relegation zone in Division I. But yes, my team (and every other team) moved up the rankings due to teams quitting.
I thought you said something about promoting teams, too? I just meant that quitting teams allowed you to artificially raise the level of your team. Instead of a middle of the road, trying to avoind the relegation/promo round, you're now a playoff team. Huge sponsor boosts allow you to build more and probably buy a couple of solid players to help the cause. Therefore you stay ahead of promoters.

As far as the guys stuck in II, I have no idea what they're doing.

5 years is fine with me. As long as I can make some sort of progress each season, this yes, I can handle 5 years to compete for a Division I title. That may not be the popular opinion, but my opinion is just as valid as anyone else's and I don't want my opinion to be ignored because I was too lazy to bring it up.
5 years is a long time. We only started a few months late and 5 years to compete with Leggmann will be pushing it. I don't see how any new team could catch up in 5 years. It'll be interesting to see how things shake out once Leggmann gets bored and quits.

Bragg has been a great player for my team, no doubt. McCready is better though, in terms of both attributes (besides passing) and effective quality, and is younger. I understand he was pulled as a goalie, but he's still a better player than Bragg. You also won a I.1 title with the league's leading scorer in season 2, just a season before pulling McCready.
McCready is younger, and he might be better, but nothing makes up for that experience. McCready was just another guy until a couple of seasons ago. He didn't score more than 12 goals until season 7. Bragg has been one of the top studs in the country since season 1. That's a big advantage.

And that season 2 title is a joke. I had no forwards on the team. My leading scorer was a fluke mid playing at forward. The next season's 9 goals for Nick Howell was more in line with what you could expect from a Mid playing firward. That's when I decided I had to convert goalie McCready and Midfielder Sember into forwards. It wasn't until season 7 when McCready finally showed up that I could compete for a top spot. Between Howell's 28 goals in season 2 and McCready's 30 goals in season 7, I only had one guy score more than 14 goals (Sember had 20). Have you ever had anyone with less than 14? Nope. And most seasons you had two guys over 14.

Kenora and NKDJ are tied for the top OTS in North America. It looks like they've both done it by purchasing players and spending less on infrastructure than FC Corona and myself.
How do you feel about the idea of combining the US & Canada?

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