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Originally Posted by WojtekGoalski View Post
20 teams making the playoffs is a joke. But it'll happen; it'll happen because it's a money grab for the owners, and the players will be all for it because it gives them a better chance to win the cup. The grueling 82 game regular season will be further demeaned but of course the integrity of the game means nothing to these millionaires and billionaires as long as they can keep cashing in.

If they did a playoff for those last 4 teams I would be less opposed but then you have to give the 1 seed(s) a bye under the current Conference format to even everything out. Wouldn't be too opposed to this but this won't happen because the owners will cry about their 1 seeded teams not generating 1st round revenue. Garbage..

What's next.. the 15th seed gets home ice in the Conference Finals? Please. This league is broken.. get rid of the teams that are breaking it. The only viable long term solution that I can see.
It's a money grab for both the owners AND the players. Playoff revenues are part of HRR that both sides divvy up.

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