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01-03-2013, 09:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Pinkfloyd View Post
One, if the cap does go down, it won't until the start of next season. Two, by then, the Sharks will have contracts off the books and won't require to shed that much salary to be compliant. Boyle's not going to be a cap casualty and the only way the Sharks would contemplate dealing him is if they get legitimate value for him. Most teams with his age, cap number, and only one year after are not going to value him to the point that it would entice the Sharks to trade him...most likely.
I've seen people post this in several threads and I don't think it is accurate. If the cap does go down to 60 mil next year, Boyle will have to go unless you want an extremely top heavy team. The sharks have over 54 mil committed to 14 players. 7-8 roster spots will have to average less than 1mil in salary. Those 14 players do not include Galiardi or Demers who are restricted free agents next year and will likely be getting raises to at least 1.5 mil each. That leaves less than 3 mil for 5-6 players. Among those players will have to be a second line left wing, at least 1 3rd liner, and a back up goalie. This will not work.

Getting rid of Boyle and replacing him with a bottom pairing D-man with 1 mil in salary is the easiest way to cut a lot of salary. The sharks would still have a solid top 4 and save 5.67 mil in cap space. Even if there is an amnesty option, the sharks don't have a good choice to use it on.

Maybe you are a Marleau and/or Niemi hater. Buying out one of those players won't save very much because they will have to be replaced. Starting goalies aren't cheap. One that doesn't suck will cost at least 2.5 mil which means the sharks will save 1.3 mil in cap. Greiss is a UFA after this year and won't be cheap anymore if he becomes the starting goalie. Also, good luck finding a player that can replace Marleau for under 5 mil.

Edit: I don't think Ottawa is a good fit for Boyle. There isn't a good reason to have 2 of the 5 best PP D-men in the league on the same team.

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