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Originally Posted by Still All In View Post
Two potential buyouts per team... 4 and 5 would clear over 10 million. That depends on LTIR though for 5 and stashing him there, and the insurance on that contract. In actual dollars, its 15m this year, 13.75 next, 12, 11 going forward. With LTIR you don't worry about 5's hit, but with 4 and the money he makes, and looking at other options (Killorn), it really makes you think. I know a lot of people swear it'll never happen to 4, but i'm not on that ship.
No one's mentioned 12. He used to be picked on when games were played, but has sort of faded from memory.

12 put up ~50 like 16, but both are going to make 4.5 next season, and noone is calling for 16 to be bought-out and 12 did it in 68 games. The injuries are a concern of course, hopefully this time off helps him.

12 also has the strings attached with his dad in the organization. If 12 goes, his dad will probably go as well.

but 12's place with the team becomes sort of a question when you consider TJ Brown, Killorn, Conacher, etc.

4's # really isn't the problem, IMO. It's the length.

I'm figuring this based not on how much they "deserve", but how much they'd likely get from another team. I said earlier 4 could make 6, and that makes the difference what? Like 1.5. Not a terrible amount if you consider his place with the organization.

5's number is pretty bad though, and I'm going to have to assume that it becomes worse if he ever makes it back. He also has some sort of NMC/limited NTC, which makes him harder to move conventionally.

6 has a bad number as well, and we've never even seen him play for blue.

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