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01-03-2013, 10:25 AM
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Speaking of, had the throttle body replaced on my car a few weeks ago. Cost me 300 bucks which I thought was a steal. I was really annoyed though, by a few things.

1. Why the hell is a throttle body malfunctioning on a two year old car? It's a piece of steel with a spring, a cable, and a blade.

2. Oh, I know why...cuz throttle bodies are electronic now apparently. So when the little tiny electronic component craps out, and if I've learned anything about cars it's that the electronic/computer components ALWAYS malfunction, then the whole throttle body gets replaced.

3. I bought the car new, yet the mounting plate for the throttle body had several chips and dings, clearly from a screw driver of sorts, leading me to believe that this was looked at prior to my purchase. I bought the car new

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