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Originally Posted by toewsintangibles View Post
From dominating everyone in the last lockout and going on a 5 year streak for gold to losing and being dominated by the US 5-1 in the semi finals of a best on best WJC.. what has happened?
This was my Post on Dec 13 in Canadian WJC roster dicussion version 3

Post #829

I questioned the politics of selection in Canada.

There is a point!
A fact about winning and player selection.
we have won 5 of the last 15 WJC.

the russian hockey reconstruction started in 2002 after they did not medal in in thier home country the year before.
Junior availabilty was priority over league play.
Since then they have been in the medals 9/11 times
3 gold 4 Silver 2 bronze

Sweden had a extended period of failure.
In 2005 they Had hockey summit
Created a new junior development approach.
With results starting to show in 2008, eliminating a 12 year drought.
Since 2008 medalled 4/5
1G 2S 1B

In 2006 US started giving CHL/USHL americans a better shot at the team. Saw a consistent jump from 2-3 to 7-8 CHL/USHL players on the roster the last 4 years.
Since 2007 medalled 3/6
1G 2B

From 2002 to 2006 finland got bronze 4 of 5 years.
After the resurgence of Russia, Sweden, USA

So year to year there are really 4 teams who can win.
with entrenched systems since 2009.
You really cannot see a strong diffrence between the 4.

records during the 4 years 2009-2012
1G 2S 1B
1G 1S 1B
1G 1S 1B
1G 1B

these teams realized politics of team or media did not matter.


We cannot afford any of that.

I often question some of the goalie decisions.
Giving visiten the second Chance?
What the heck he choked!

Subban with weak goals.
He has been the worst goalie in camp.

I want to win!
Gold only.
A silver in the group of 4 makes you average
3rd is loser.

Worse yet
2009 Gold
2010 Silver
2011 Silver
2012 Bronze Good thing USA was a major Failure this year.
I do not like the trend.
2013 ?????????

The flaw of our system!

1. Old Boys Club!
A selection pool driven by U17 and U18 Rosters
Not based on Current merit.
2. Catering to TSN!
Wanting to get at a boys from the media experts.

Just pick the best of that year from US College/ CHL.

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