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01-03-2013, 11:03 AM
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I'm with Kornhole..there should be NO WAY we are a +3. Just goes to show what the betting public really knows.

Seattle is 3-5 on the road and mightily struggles on real grass. Wilson and Lynch both have their numbers dip dramatically (9TD-8INT and over 5 ypc to about 4 ypc).

They haven't won a road playoff game in 30 years. They haven't won in Washington since the 90s.

Last year, while its true both teams were different and had different QBs, I believe we beat them in Seattle...Grossman and Helu vs Tavares Jackson and Lynch. Seems to me there are alot of familiar names on their roster from that game:

Guys like Mike and Mike just go by the "wow" factor and what have you done for me lately. Seattle crushed a couple cruddy teams and the media drools over them.

Last week vs St Louis they gave up 6 sacks and recorded 0..

It will be an interesting game but I am a bit surprised that most people aren't weighing in the home field advantage as much as I believe they should. Seattle, from the dawn of time (I am a Raiders fan too and followed them back in the early 80s) has been great at home and bad on the road. 2 of their 3 road wins this year were vs Arizona in free fall mode and Buffalo at in Toronto.

Also its not like the skins are playing the Steelers or Cowboys where there would be a good representation of their fans buying up seats in Fed Ex. Hawks fans have to travel across country and I doubt there are too many here.

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