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01-03-2013, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by joestevens29 View Post
So what good is seeing GSP vs Diaz if Diaz isn't worthy? If the guy is that close to being weeded out he doesn't deserve a shot at the title.

Then you have Edgar who lost twice in a row and he gets a shot at Aldo?

Sonnen coming off a loss going into a new division gets a shot at a title?

This is almost getting as bad as boxing. All about money and less about the sport.
I don't think Diaz deserves the shot either but it's not as if Hendricks has looked unstoppable every fight. Hendricks can wait, Diaz himself has only lost to the divisons clear #2 and it wasn't by much.

Frankie Edgar getting a title shot is completely just. Not only was he fighting in a weight class too high for him before, he was champion. The Hendeson fights were very close and there is no clear challenger for Aldo anywhere close to the level Edgar is on.

Sonnen is just getting a shot because at least he makes it tough on guys. At least it's not anything close to as bad as Bonner getting a shot. Sonnen is world class but i would have to agree he's getting a good ride.

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