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01-03-2013, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Devils731 View Post
It doesn't save the Devils real dollars if they need to pay Volchenkov $3 million and a new player $4.25 million next season, the Devils spend $3 million dollars more in that scenario.

The blow isn't softened short term, it hurts your short term. The buyout helps your cap, but it hurts your wallet, if you plan to spend near the cap max.

I don't think his actual cap hit would be around 3M$ per if he were to be bought out but your point about actual dollars is solid.

Originally Posted by Wingman77 View Post
Well when you wanted him bought out, our defense was pretty damn weak so letting him lose wasn't going to exactly help things, even despite how he had steadily began to decline

Volchenkov is a better defensemen than White ever was
Maybe so, but what he gave us for the money we were spending on him kind of equals the ratio that Volchenkov is giving us atm... but once again, that's just my pov. Like I said a week ago, A-Train reminds me alot of Douglas Murray, but we are paying twice that for roughly the same type of player. Defensive d-men who have negative skills with the puck aren't worth the money we keep throwing at them but for some reason Lou thinks we're stuck in the 1990's and the same can be said for the goons he brings in year after year.

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