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Originally Posted by Redscotter View Post
The loss today is partially representative of a Coaching breakdown ...

How are you not prepared (mentally) for a one-game showdown against one of your main rivals ?

Did Spott not realise that the USA would be all over the puck from the opening faceoff ? How could elite Junior A players not know this ?

I see a tendency here over the last three years - mental preparation and a generational psychology taking over Canadian hockey.

The first variable I have referred to already. The Generational Psychology stems, I think, from the fact that Hockey has become an upper-middle class sport in this Country. Now, I am comfortably UMC myself, but I come from a working class background. Most of the kids I played rep with, and most of the guys I played Junior with, were from working-class backgrounds. They were hungry and willing to work hard to chase their dreams - for some of them, at a fairly high (non-monetary) cost.

I also Assistant Coach in Minor Hockey (boys & girls), and all we see now is molly-coddling from Mothers and weak Fathers. If you force a bag-skate on kids now, the Mothers shoot you daggers afterwards.

I am not saying that UMC people do not have a work ethic, but what I am saying is that many of the have forgotten it when it comes to their kids. The last three teams are comprised of so-called "Millennials" and most sociologists have identified this cohort as narcissistic and demanding. As someone who is involved with hiring for a large company, I see this all the time in new hires.
I don't want to argue with you on this topic, but you can't bring pyschology into this. As someone who has -at least- studied in school and read up on basic pyschology and someone who is not UMC and not a "millenial" and who knows "millenials". I can't say I agree with you.

I don't think it's a generational thing. I do agree that hockey is more expensive. I did some quick research on this "millenial" thing, and think it's the same think that was classified by generation X'ers (in other words hog wash). I'm a in between generation X and millenial, not sure which one, but one of those. I can tell you millenials work as hard as my generation (whatever that is). If anything it's the current economic affairs that are the worst since 1989 that are affecting the "millenial" generation. Nothing further I have to say.

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