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01-03-2013, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
One thing that has become apparent during the World Juniors is how quickly people jump to irrational conclusions that poor performances are exclusively to be pinned on bad coaching.

Hockey is a variable sport. Close parity. Meaning, random one game showdowns can go anyway and if they were played 100 times between the big nations, no team would IMO show a dominating record.

So why this consist and stupid blaming of the coaches every single time your team has a bad 5 minutes, a bad period ... or even, shockingly, loses a game. Of course, fans do also give such irrational rants towards the players ; love them one minute, hate them the next. I guess this is part and parcel of sports ; most fans are too emotionally invested to reason well, to understand that one medicore play does not equate to what that player represents.

With the coaches, though, what do half of you expect? I've seen long winded complaining from all nations about their coaches this year. Canada ... wah wah Spott. US in the group stages .... wah wah Housley. Finland crash out ... wah wah coaches. Russia ... the same. Wah wah coaches. If we had different coach, we would win.

If HFboards opinion was the defining factor for decision making, no coaches would exist, because none would apparently be good enough.
Are you off your soapbox? Coaching is a significant factor in this tournament and it's clear a guy like Spott let his team down with both sins of ommission and commission.

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