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01-03-2013, 12:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Fogelhund View Post
Yes, Burke can make any offer that he wants to, and feels he can afford. Gillis can choose to accept that trade, or not, and believe me it has nothing to do with what some posters on an internet forum think the value is.

The lower the cap, the greater the value is for cap space, and the lower the value might be on players with long-term, high dollar deals, who have few suitors. That is a simple reality, no matter how vested one might be in winning the internet argument.

What's the reality on what is being offered? What do they base the deal on? Can Gillis ask for 20 1st rounders and be justified in his asking price, simply because he thinks that's what Lu should garner? Likewise, does Burke offer a ham sandwich and a Bozak simply because he can? Or are both GMs working off some precedent, some baseline of prior trades, to at least start to find a common ground? Which is more likely?

If Burke isn't offering something that is _fair_, based on precedent, why bother calling at all? To get laughed at? Why bother increasing your offer after EDM has entered the arena? He made his best stab at buying the car but found out he could do better, just by chance, when EDM came along... ?? And here I was thinking Burke had already offered everything he could afford? Is that reality? Is that "winning the internetz"??

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