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01-03-2013, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
Look, the issue between you and I in this argument is that we have, at the very root of this debate, much different philosophies on how to properly develop prospects. From my point of view on "how goalie prospects should be handled" (give them as many starts as possible for as long as possible), the Bishop trade was invaluable. From your point of view (a half-season's worth of impressive starts = NHL ready), the Bishop trade was a bad one.

The sooner we both realize that our differences here stem from you just not knowing how to properly develop prospects, the better.

Carey Price.

Lehner did what Price did. Price stepped into the NHL, but Lehner did not. Why not?

Lehner --> proven domination in AHL: Check
Lehner --> good NHL play: Check
Lehner --> mental makeup and physical skills to play in the NHL: Check

He's ready.

The organization has a current middle-aged #1 and young NHL ready but still unproven #1 who deserves a shot.

Hello people, you don't give up a good pick for another goalie.

Would playing more games in the AHL hamper his development? Probably not. But stepping into the NHL (where he has a good chance of stealing the #1 spot and playing a lot) will not hurt him either.

Carey Price is my comparable.

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