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01-03-2013, 01:04 PM
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The twitters today seem to indicate that the mood is not very cheery.

Player told me "PA still feels NHL is purposely hiding money & that we've let all players know about it." This will take a little longer.

to expand on what this is saying is that the NHL changed the language from previous offers with regards to HRR and the penalties that applied for teams that fudged purposefully.

The league has gone back to the old language and there was much rejoicing.

The PA response to the NHL's legal complaint.

Mathieu Dandenault with something potentially worrying.

The nhl and nhlpa talks r dead for now...look for the players to disclaim...#lockout

He's also a retired player now and those guys seem to not be on the same page as the active ones, which I find a bit surprising.

Dandenault later says
I still believe their will be season...just very tough negociation...

Octagon agent (Lawton and Alan Walsh's agency) Andy Scott says:
A few trusty sources saying NHLPA - NHL deal will be announced tomorrow..... #FinalStretch #AboutTime

Be still my gentle heart.

Now, not so much:
Bombarded by email after tweet for deal tmrw. Now told serious hurdles still remain. Eternal optimism may have gotten best of a few sources.

Anyone think that the way the players combated Dandenault potentially spreading misinformation was to spread more misinformation?

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