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Originally Posted by this providence View Post
The big problems to me would seem to be:

• Does Wisconsin have the amount of willing corporations that it takes to successfully fill up the higher dollar seats/add sponsorship dollars?

• Wisconsin does not currently have an NHL quality venue.

• Population is too far dispersed throughout the state. Can they support/show to games multiple times a week on a consistent and financially viable rate?

• (Minor) Playing hockey throughout my many years in Minnesota, it seemed like the most dense hockey communities in Wisconsin came out of western WI, as well as in Duluth/Superior area. Has that changed? With Basketball, it's a more accepted sport throughout many areas and is commonly played at many schools throughout the state. That wasn't exactly case with hockey as to how I remember it. Especially in many small Wisconsin towns. Hard to generate interest in a team when it's not really an accepted and truly followed sport.
-If they could get Miller or any of the microbreweries in the state to support the team, they'll do fine

-As far as the Bradley Center goes, it's actually better for hockey than it is for basketball, but it could use a few renovations here and there as it is a bit outdated

-If you market an NHL team here as a team that represents the entire state (like the Packers and the Brewers), they'll draw a good amount of support. My older brother, who isn't even into sports that much, said it best when comparing the support for other Wisconsin teams compared to the Bucks. The Packers, Brewers, and Badgers represent the state of Wisconsin. The Bucks represent the city of Milwaukee. If you market the team as Wisconsin's team, they'll be fine.

-As far as high school hockey is concerned, I'm from northeastern Wisconsin, and I can tell you that the teams here are well supported as well in this part of the state, such as Appleton, Fond du Lac, and Green Bay of course. Nowadays, if a small Wisconsin high school doesn't have a team, they try to merge with other small towns or try to merge with a bigger school in the area (i.e. My town, Neenah, is now Neenah/Hortonville/Menasha for hockey as they have absorbed some of the smaller schools in the area in terms of hockey support)

Not to mention that for a state that's never had an NHL team, we can put some quality players on the ice, such as Suter, Kessel, and Pavelski

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