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01-03-2013, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Liferleafer View Post
When your offer is the highest, you don't up it until it gets beat.I think you are missing the point. The Leafs CAN NOT afford Gillis' price at the draft. Burke has a top limit as to where he will go, now obviously, he isn't going to throw it right out there.

No one here is asking the leafs to pay the price Gillis wanted at the draft. You are arguing against yourself. You said I'm missing the point, but you are arguing a point no one has made.

So now then, is it safe to say that we haven't hit Burke's top limit yet? Because if we had, he would not have increased his offer when EDM jumped on board. He's still trying to "win" negotiations here. He didn't offer his top price at his two draft proposals, the evidence is the latest increase, so Gillis was right to wait him out? Correct? People have been saying Gillis is asking for the moon, but if these rumours indicate anything, it's that his price didn't deter Burke, and in fact Burke has moved even further towards Gillis. As high as Gillis's initial offer was, he was justified in waiting Burke out, and still waiting him out.

Now that FLA can dump a contract to VAN, or two, does this demand a further indirect increase from Burke?

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