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01-03-2013, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Silverback91 View Post
Like I said before 2 trades between florida toronto and vancouver. theodore for ashton and then trade upshall or Jovo (amnesty) petrovic/bjustad matthias/ellerby and a 1st.

either petrovic and matthias or bjustad and ellerby

Amnestied player re-signs with fla for spare change

Raised the price vancouver gets from my last proposal since Florida clears more than luongo's salary with help from Vancouver. Matthias and ellerby have not developed as well as I had thought either
Bold: hilarious. Secondly, you can't re-sign a player that has been bought out and if you are assuming Florida will resign it's own player they just traded... well there are no guarantees. Other teams will get a crack at him first.

I understand that Florida doesn't have as much money as the rest of the league but in what world is Jovo or Upshall incentive enough to trade a 1st, and multiple prospects for Luongo when it's clear there are only a few teams that will take him?

Also, players who are bought out can be resigned by other teams and the Panthers - in this example - would only have to pay the difference. If they resigned Jovo - for example - then Vancouver would only pay the difference on the contract. Or if they just bought out Jovo themselves he would likely get signed elsewhere and the Panthers only on the hook for the difference.

Hardly a good deal for the Panthers. Not shockingly though. I can't wait till some Vancouver fans get it through their head that Luongo won't return a 1st, a blue chip prospect ++.

It will be a great day!

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