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Originally Posted by scelaton View Post
I would like to see Burmi continue to develop as an excellent defensive forward, with upper end potential. That way, he will not be top-6 or bust, the way so many other prospects are. If he excels this year on a 3rd line with Poni and Antro (somewhat the way Jordan Staal did in Pitts), he will be an extremely valuable asset. If and when he shows he can put up top-6 numbers, so much the better. I don't really see any need to gnash teeth about Burmi so long as expectations are realistic.
very much agree with this Scel. Given burmis defensive acumen as it stands, he's already avoided the "top six or bust" label IMO, as he has already proven to be a more then capable third line/defensive specialist duties (as per advanced stats, toi, etc, and my personal eye test).

I also don't think that you trade him for Zajac, but i guess its because i too operate on the assumption that if we can trade and resign him when he's 4 months from FA, then we should have a reasonable opportunity at signing him out of FA. (Also i'd like to say I think most trade/resign deals happen with still a full season left on the contract, something to consider as i think most players that make it into their final season before F/A without an extension, do not resign with their current team, or at least only do so after fielding offers in FA).

Though i get the "bigger" angle of the jets, i do think they will be flexible on it to a degree. The flyers are a good example. Heralded as a "big" team, 2 years ago they had Giroux, Richards, Brier and Timmonen. If you ever seen Richards live you know he's not the 5'11 he's listed at (though he definitely plays big), and even Simon Gagne (who was part of that team) though decently tall doesn't exactly play a big game.

I think it's important to complement size with skill, if you can get both in one package, great, but players with size and skill are generally in the upper echelon of the talent/payscale, meaning your probably only going to afford a few of them.

That means the rest of your roster is going to be giants who have average to sub average skill or average to above average skilled small players.

Personally, i'd prefer to see enough talent in the bottom six to keep them somewhat of an offensive threat at least, rather then 2 lines of average giants.

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