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Originally Posted by njdevil26 View Post
How about Madison?
madison: way too small to hold a team and not enough exogenous population to support it.

hockey in wisconsin OUTSIDE of milwaukee is fairly healthy. hockey inside of milwaukee has grown since i was in youth hockey in the late-80s by a lot but it is still virtually a dead zone in terms of popularity against football, baseball, bowling and shoving beer/cholesterol into your face. youd think it would trend towards a hockey city because of the location but it is by far the worst out of the major cities in this area for hockey popularity. very, very fringe and cultish in milwaukee. people in this area are too lazy to learn the game also. they have the Packers and Playing Catch for 3 hours While Burning 19 Calories during the summer.

as others have stated, hockey outside of milwaukee is fairly well supported. and always was even when i was a kid.

they had their chance in the late 80s when the Pettit's built the Bradley Center for hockey (which is "old" already and the Bucks have been whining about a new arena for a while. not happening.) and it got kaboshed by a few things (Wirtz in Chicago being one of them).

as much as it would be awesome, no way.

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