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Originally Posted by Retail1LO View Post
Ridiculous you say? lol Ridiculous is insinuating that only the elite of the league gets in when you allow 16 out of 30, more than half, of the teams into the playoffs. There are not 16 "elite" teams in the league. A team that needs a shootout win on the last day of the regular season to make the playoffs, isn't elite. Period.

A difficult feat you say? Being in the top 52% of the league is difficult? The team making the the playoffs as the 16th seed is closer to being the worst team in the league than the best...and they still make the cut. The reason or adding an extra "round" isn't to bruise any body. Once you get that low in the playoff seeding, the thought is that any team on the cusp is worthy of getting in, make them play for it. I don't necessarily endorse the idea, but I understand where they're coming from with the idea, and it wouldn't bother me any either way.
The top-16 would generally be more elite than the top-20.

And teams making the Playoffs on Shootout points,... that's a problem with the Points System, not the Playoff format.

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