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01-03-2013, 01:21 PM
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Originally Posted by marty111 View Post
Bold: hilarious. Secondly, you can't re-sign a player that has been bought out and if you are assuming Florida will resign it's own player they just traded... well there are no guarantees. Other teams will get a crack at him first.

I understand that Florida doesn't have as much money as the rest of the league but in what world is Jovo or Upshall incentive enough to trade a 1st, and multiple prospects for Luongo when it's clear there are only a few teams that will take him?

Also, players who are bought out can be resigned by other teams and the Panthers - in this example - would only have to pay the difference. If they resigned Jovo - for example - then Vancouver would only pay the difference on the contract.

Hardly a good deal for the Panthers. Not shockingly though. I can't wait till some Vancouver fans get it through their head that Luongo won't return a 1st, a blue chip prospect ++.

It will be a great day!
The deal he had was cap dump, bottom-6/bottom pairing player, one prospect(only one of which might be considered blue chip), and a 1st.

I also think he was saying we could acquire Upshall or Jovanovski then amnesty them ourselves.

Either way, I think if he goes to Florida, it will be something like Petrovic, Matthias, 2nd.

Florida simply doesn't have a need for him, and if Luongo does end up in Florida it's because no one else wants him. Which I don't think is the case, but it's still a possibility.

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