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01-03-2013, 01:29 PM
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One thing to consider in all this "swap Winnipeg for Detroit/Columbus and be done with it" talk:

I'm pretty sure if you injected Mark Chipman with truth syrum he'd tell you the Jets don't mind playing in the East for as long as they can.

Yes, they'd like to be able to get a rivalry going with Minnesota. But that's the only real advantage to going to the West. Because the thing about the east is - all the teams are close together. The team can fly into NYC and then knock out 3 road games in 4 days without having to check out of their hotel room. Or if they do have to fly, the flights are really, really short.

But if you're in the West, almost all the teams are far from each other. Everything is a long flight. And that matters when it comes to travel costs.

It also works for fan interest too. Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin are in the East. Four of the Original Six are in the East. And 6pm local start times for away games is better than 9pm local start times.

Now of course geography does dictate that Winnipeg will eventually go to the West, and Chipman does know that too. But the Jets are not in a rush to do it.

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