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You cannot compare Drouin and Kane:

1. Kane always was flawed defensively --not so Drouin..Drouin is a much better 2-way player.

2. Kane never could control pucks behind the net on the boards like Drouin can -in that respect he is more like Crosby --go one way behind the net ,turn with the puck the other way then turn back again -controlling the puck and either getting a shot off coming from behind the net or making a play ..

3. Kane often controls the play from the half-boards .slowing it down and with great vision passing set-ups for open team-ates to shoot --really nOT what Drouin does..

4. Drouin looks like he might be a better goal scorer-but be warned --Kane in Jrs was a fantastic shooter-somehow that has dropped off in NHl play ---I thought kane could be a 40 goal a year guy -but alas his best year was only 30 and tht was in 2009/10 ...Last year's 23 goals for kane washugely disappointing --what happenned to his " magic hands"--seems they only get displayed on some highlight reel shoot-out goal or against inferior goalies like in the Spengler cup --not against NHl goalies.. My hunch is that Drouin willbe abetter goasl scorer but whether he puts up as many assits may depend on the team drafting him and the quality of the players they can provide around him as time goes on..

Drouin 's shooting % in the Q this year is 19g/82shots = 23.17% ..
(82 shots on goal in 24GP = 3.416 shots per game)..

By comparison Mackinnon shoots only 14.96% (22g on 147 shots;147s/30GP = 4.3 shots pergame)..

I cannot find shooting % stats for Kane in his draft year -he did score 62 goals in 58GP (along with 83 assists) --145pts/58GP= 2.5 ppg; Drouin ppg to date this year in the Q is only 2.0 ppg (48pts in 24GP) --and Kane's draft year Goals per game was 62/58= 1.0689 --Drouin's goals per game is 19/24= .7916 --so he had better elevate his goal scoring in the 2nd half to get anywhere near what kane did as a goal scorerin his draft year...

However --my impression(because i do not have the shot total and shooting % stat for Kane in his draft year) is that Kane got LOTS OFF SHOTS ON GOAL that year --IF it was at just the 4.3 shots per game that MacKinnon has so far --then it means
Kane would have had 249 shots on goal that year --so 62/249 = a 24.89 shooting %! BUT my imprssion was that he got off even more shots than that ...IF it was 4.7 shots a game then that is 62/272.6 shots per game = 22.74% shooting ...So unless Kane got a lot lot more than even that amount his shooting probably is comparable to Drouin's shooting efficiency now--as a jr, in his draft year...but asI said -smehow Kane's magic hands efficiency as a goal scorer has NOT BEEN ANYWHERE NEAR AS GOOD in the NHL ...My hunch is that DROUIN wilnot have that problem --the reason is that i think if he is a first line player in the NHl -he won;t be that much off his 3.4 shots per game--much more difficult for Kane to get 4.3 to 4.7 shots a game in the NHL (he's decided to shoot less and pass first to set up guys or the extra lack of time and space means shots go off the net and so do not get on goal) and so the very de-emphasis on shooting or failures of attempted shots or the combined effects of both have contributed to much less efficient 'finishing' for Kane...There somehow is a relationship to kane shooting more to get more efficient at finishing --since he now shoots less than his jr, days--the inverse effect--a decline in his shooting % is clearly observable. Droiun is not shoting as much as Kane did in Jrs--and so iF he can maintain his more modest pace of shots on goal as a pro then perhaps he can also maintin his efficiency ..STAMKOS maintained it..I have a hunch that DROUIN willbe one of thoe more efficient shotters too..NOT that he will snipe like STAMKOS--few can..BUT he probably willbe a more efficient finisher than Kane has turned out to be..So not 50-60 goals a year a la Stamkos--but not 22-30 goals a year only like a kane ..pRobably in the middle--30-40 goals a year ..How many assists he averages in the nHl per year will depend on the finishing qualities of his linemates...I don't think he'll be a 100 pts a year guy--maybe a point a game type--but with a better goals to assists ratio than Kane does (when Kane is a point a game guy--which he FAILED to do last season--hopefully just a 1 off year )..

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