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01-03-2013, 01:34 PM
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Hey Brock thanks for the support, the cheque is in the mail. LOL

Come on guys. Is it amateur hour at the HFBOARD site. Any team should be thrilled to sign a playmaking centre as a free agent now, especially since the Salary Cap will go down.

Half the guys on the list this year cant hold the kid's jock strap. Half the guys on the list cant skate.

During last year's draft, there were a lot of bad players taken in the draft that have absolutely done nothing in their 2 years in the OHL.

MC has won gold in the U17, gold in the U18, NHL R& D camp, and we are saying that they kid isnt better than half the guys drafted last year, or half the guys on this list. I know we want all superstars, but thats not reality.

Look at the Leaf's draft picks over the last few years. How many high round stiffs and nobodys. And still today the Leafs cant find a centreman.

All I am saying is that the kid is producing finally, when given the opportunity, and yes he may not be the most physical player out there, but he is a playmaker. Kaberle, Semin, Kessel,... all talented, but no physicality at all, and last time I checked they were making $5 million plus.

We are quick to knock kids but take a step back and actually look at the kids we do accept and support?? Not much difference, generally, to MC.

By the way, I dont have any vested interest in the Wolves or the kids. I support the Wolves team because of past players, but thats it.

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